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mohairslave@ 4:43pm 12-13-2018
love to meet these guys . I dress up in lingerie but also wearing thick sweater over top anyone can reah me on im very sub like to be punished and bi from swindon
mark wright@ 3:49pm 12-12-2018
Sorry- here is my email
Would love to hear from like-minded souls
Mark Wright@ 7:33pm 12-11-2018
I can never make it to the club but would love to hook up with other lingerie lovers and dress together. Who knows where it goes. Will be in town in March 21 to 25. Okay to email me
Robbietights@ 1:11pm 12-11-2018
I don’t mind tights lovers contacting me on my email as it’s only for that purpose. Contact me on, invitation to any other nylon lovers who would like to get in touch
Joan@ 9:17am 12-11-2018
So how can we get in touch ?? I don't want my email or phone number on here....I'm guessing you will be the same.......yes love tights
Robbietights@ 10:22pm 12-10-2018
Hi Joan, I hope you love tights too, yes love to hear more from you x
Joan@ 4:25pm 12-10-2018
Hi Robbie tights.....Scottish borders here......Love hold ups panties matching bra.......and a lot more things besides...maybe we should get in touch??
Robbietights@ 5:30pm 12-09-2018
Hi all nylon lovers, I share the same longing that linger open a similar club in the north of the country. I am in Edinburgh and have been wearing tights since my very early teens. Had many meets since embracing my bi side and always hopeful it will be another Tights or nylon fetishist. There are probably quite a few out there but not enough platforms to find each other. To those in the north who have suggested a visit to Lingerlondon and looking for someone to go with I would love love love to plan a visit. I have never really fancied a visit to a cd or tv club, but the existence of a masculine man in nylon and lingerie drives me crazy with excitement. Would love to hear from any of you following this. Tights basque and maybe heels would be my choice and no make up or wigs, no pretending to be women! Only men enjoying their precious fetish, heaven!
Joan@ 1:32pm 12-08-2018
Shame you couldn't make it Geraldine....would have loved to meet you....I did have a creamy time.....very nice indeed
Petra_d@ 8:16am 12-08-2018
Looks like a great time was had by all, sorry I couldn’t be there. Definately a New Years resolution.
Geraldine@ 6:01pm 12-06-2018
Well it appears that the anti nylon gods have conspired against me, unfortunately i can't make it tonight, absolutely gutted!!! But i hope you all have a fantastic time x
Joan@ 11:41am 12-04-2018
Thanks Geraldine.....will you be there??
Geraldine@ 6:27am 12-04-2018
Hi Joan, no need to be nervous just get inside and enjoy yourself x there's some lovely people there x
kenny@ 4:45pm 12-01-2018
Hi oxd2 thanks for message can you give me your email so we can arrange things and get to know each other if not I will text you my email really want to meet up
Joan@ 3:52pm 12-01-2018
Absolutely made up.....getting my first visit on Thursday......I'll be in a red basque an red panties.....stockings too.....come say hello will be very nervous x

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