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Admin@ 2:19pm 04-10-2021
Sorry guys - although I have managed to end the spam , i forgot to have the guestbook email me when YOU posted a message . It means that some of you waited weeks for your message to show . I have rectified this , so now , feel free to post . Your post WONT appear immediately but I SHOULD get a notification to approve it and hope I can do it within 24hrs.
The spam is actually still flooding in , but I am stopping it appearing here. Quite a task deleting them and banning their I.Ps. When the spam stops I can have the seetings changed back to accepting immediate postings.
Sissy Sally@ 9:34am 03-26-2021
Only visited Linger once before lockdown but am so desperate to visit again. I am very much non femme but love lingerie, stockings and heels and am VERY submissive. Really looking forward to going again, hopefully playing if there is anyone interested in me x x x
Joan@ 9:09am 03-24-2021
Is there nothing going on.....nobody having cock nice silky me please!!!!
nick francis@ 11:50am 02-25-2021
Thanks Admin for removing the muppet spammers!! What do they think they are achieving by it? Hopefully the club will re-open this year??
Admin@ 4:56pm 02-21-2021
Guys , havent logged in here for ages and just seen all of the spam. So sorry about this . I have banned the' of the spammers.
They will just use different i.p's though so i have set the guestbook settings to " approve first". It means that when you post a message , it will not show up until i approve it manually. So , it will slow down your messages, i know , but it is the only way , for the time being to deal with it. You can help yourself by , if you post a message , to make it substantial. A message like " i agree with you mate" , about the previous post, is timeconsuming to to approve. Sometimes i might only be around to approve messages every few days . We will see how it goes.
Styne Bloaphack@ 11:17pm 02-11-2021
Still bi in black tights down here in the South Pacific, wishing there was a place like that nearer. Longing for same sex in nylon
Warren@ 2:17pm 02-10-2021
Looking to try Linger for the first time when covid restrictions relaxed. A bit nervous but hope it’s friendly!

Any advice for a first timer?
Teddy@ 7:34pm 02-04-2021
Well the Kik app won't let me join the group...
Teddy@ 4:19pm 02-04-2021
I'll check out the Kik group
Monty@ 12:29pm 01-30-2021
Ken but sh dont tell everyone lol
William@ 8:55pm 01-29-2021
Are there any contact groups or ways of getting in touch with all the Linger friends, that are not kik or any of the mobile phone based mediums. I do have WhatsApp if that helps, as well as good old email.
William x
ken@ 1:04pm 01-29-2021
monty let me have your email so we can chat dont worry about heels you can get plenty on ebay in your size and great styles i am size 10 and got some great heels at a great and did not need to go to any shops
Neal King@ 9:23am 01-29-2021
Search #clublinger on kik and lets talk on there.
Joan@ 7:50am 01-29-2021
Not interested in your feet tbh Monty.....
Monty@ 2:16pm 01-28-2021
Thanks joan , im sure they cant drag this out forever it would be a shame not to attend at least once "dressed" not sure on the heels though being a size 11 lol

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