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Lisaj@ 12:02pm 06-18-2019
Only Lisa when I’m in my undies, not been for ages work
cHris@ 2:09pm 06-15-2019
Hello John. I set up the kik group for us fans to chat, swap stories, pictures and ideas. If you wish to join us please contact me at my email address is Thanks.
steven@ 4:00pm 06-14-2019
Buy online, barely black, shave occasionally, bit of both.
FullyFashionedNylons@ 2:14pm 06-14-2019
Thanks Steven.

Do you buy, if so where when shade detail?
Shave your legs, Dom or Sub? Thank you
John@ 7:35pm 06-13-2019
What is the Kik group ?
steven@ 5:57pm 06-13-2019
Love fully fashioned Stockings and Suspenders. They are what first attracted me to dressing sexy
Pjatv@ 4:28pm 06-13-2019
Can I be added to the kick group please. Mandy1abc

Thanks xx
FullyFashionedNylons@ 9:33am 06-13-2019
Any wear fully fashioned nylons?
cHris.@ 1:05pm 06-12-2019
Oooh. Excited as I've just noticed that my pics 8&9 are now on the June 2019 pictures post!
steven@ 8:54am 06-11-2019
Hi, I'm a slim guy of 5 foot 10, looking for someone to go with as not wanting to go into the club alone. I live in Grays in Essex. I have a nice slim size 12 figure and good legs and love wearing stockings and suspenders, bra, heels etc. looking for another slim guy for meet ups at linger. Nothing makes me happier or more relaxed than dressing in sexy lingerie but I haven't been out or met with anyone yet and want to take that next step and make some sexy lingerie wearing friends please email me if interested in meeting up. I haven't attended linger yet but really want to please mail me at x
Del@ 6:30pm 06-06-2019
Hi Micky .
Thank for looking to meet me in put before
Going in . I may not get there be for 9 pm as to work .
And thank john for your message to say .
cHris.@ 2:19pm 06-06-2019
Looking forward to seeing you all there tonight. I shall be trying out a new outfit. Nothing special but different from what I normally wear. Still need to buy a pair of high heels.
Micky@ 9:54pm 06-05-2019
@Harry B

Have been a few times and have to leave early to go home and see the gf. Seems a few there by 6.30 but often warming up as i leave 8 or 8.30. Not sure what I am missing out on, but enough to keep me going before, but think it gets busy later. Couldmeet u at put before hand if it helps?
John@ 6:33pm 06-05-2019
That’s fine del
Del@ 5:41pm 06-05-2019
Hi all .
I thinking of coming this Thursday .
It be my first time and I in my 50th .
Is that ok as not very athletic or masculin.
In look .

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