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Dave@ 9:39pm 11-20-2019
Hello James,
Please tell me u are going to the meet on the 5th Dec x
james@ 2:26pm 11-20-2019

you never have to wait til meet night, just ask and it can be whenever
Dave@ 7:38pm 11-19-2019
Don’t u just luv lay-bys xx
I keep wishing it was a meet night! Lol
James Haslam@ 10:27am 11-19-2019

My fav is A1/A603 northbound lay by
Dave@ 10:11pm 11-18-2019
James, what can I say!!
Are you going to next meet?
I love the things u do x
I can’t wait to meet admirers at club x I’m a bit of a playful person and luv to strut about x
I’ve done a few bits and pieces in my time so I’ve lost my inhibitions along time ago xx
Joan@ 9:57pm 11-18-2019
Where on the A1 james??
James@ 12:50pm 11-18-2019
Lay by meets are my most the horniest feeling ever
I drive through the night, and often stop in a lay by on the A1, get dressed in my tights and panties and sit there looking at flick, I then open the door and hang my leg out, and wait to see if anyone wants to play
So it will be nice to be there and just wanting to be used and groped like u
Dave@ 8:16pm 11-17-2019
Hi James!
I luvvvv lay-by meets xx
I can’t wait to go to the 5th Dec meet!
Luv to wear fem undies and strut abt x I’m always hoping for multiple men to grope me and luvvvvv a Xmas snog
james@ 7:23pm 11-17-2019
sadly i didn't make it, i got called away with work, which totally gutted me as i started arranging to meet someone before hand.
so because my work is totally unpredictable I'm just going to turn up, and enjoy the night, i mean when i go to a lay-by dressed up i don't have anyone
Kev@ 3:47pm 11-13-2019
Hi again James
Silly me! Just checked back and looks like you might've got your first time out of the way in July. Looks like I'm not paying attention.....
Wasn't being condescending, just stooopid
Kev@ 3:31pm 11-13-2019
Hi James
My first time out dressed last week, first time in company like that, first time in an all male club, there were a lot of firsts actually
I arrived alone and went in alone. Nice friendly barman. It's quite dark, no one shines a spotlight on you. It's apparent tbh that no one cares what you look like or wear (within the rules). There were all sizes, heights and ages.
If you are prepared to say hello most people are happy to respond, those that are shy look it, it's not attitude. If you really want to go then you should go for it. Don't miss out babe x
James@ 9:30am 11-13-2019

Really building up the courage to come along in December, just really worried as I have put a little weight on:/:/
Would really like to meet before for some help and encouragement.
The night looks fantastic though, can’t wait
cHris.@ 12:47am 11-13-2019
Hello. There was a good turn out last week. It seemed there were lot of new guys in attendance. For anyone who doesn't have that much lingerie to wear, there's no need to worry. Yes there are guys who wear a lot an may have costumes changes throughout the evening. But there were guys who just wore tights and a pair of panties. And for me as eye candy there was a beautiful young blonde guy who just wore a pair of black trunks.
It was a great evening as I got to know more about the regulars and made new friends too in the process. Thanks to John who took my pictures with Frank.
It's a great club where you can just wear lingerie and chat to other people over a few drinks who are into the same kind of thing without any worries about body shapes or age. Everyone is welcoming and friendly.
Looking forward to seeing you all next month.
Dave@ 11:11pm 11-11-2019
Loving the chat on here x the dark area at the back of the premises sounds like a place I wud like to spend time in x lots of kissing and hand every where x luv men in see thro panties
Jammie@ 7:26pm 11-11-2019
Sounds like it was a first time for a lot of people last week, so wht's going again and wants to be more daring?

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