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Joan@ 11:37am 01-28-2021
Love to help you Monty x
Joan@ 11:36am 01-28-2021
What's your real name John smith??
Private doom and gloom Fraser??
John Smith@ 10:06am 01-28-2021
The club will never reopen, it is finished, much like many pubs across the country!
Monty@ 12:25pm 01-27-2021
Just found out via xhamster looks very exciting cant wait for the end of lockdown to come and try out this club , ive never worn outside the home and think id love it
Brighton Hairy@ 2:56pm 01-15-2021
Hi Guys, I was only able to come to club once but loved it! if anyone wants to chat im on kik, username: daddypants_
Joan@ 9:28pm 01-12-2021
Never too old gee
Jane@ 2:17pm 01-11-2021

Anyone using skype to keep in touch during lockdown feel free to add me -

Jane x
Gee@ 5:03pm 01-10-2021
Too old now (67)but so wish I knew about linger london before. Anyone my age care to chat ....give me a shout (Surrey
Harry B@ 11:36am 01-09-2021
Hi all, looks like it’s go to a fair while yet before the club reopens, so in the meantime if anyone wants to chat, mail me!
Al@ 1:43am 01-07-2021
Hello there, I just discovered this amazing community!! First time entering the website and reading the description, testimonials and watching the pics... Mind blowing! I cannot imagine what it’s like to be there!! For now due de virus and distance it’s just impossible.
I’m mid 20’s guy looking to chat with similar age lads who love this fetish as much i do, age is not excluding! Just want to know and share with like-minded people!!
If anyone wants to chat my kik is Alonsou95 and my email
Regards from Chile!
James@ 6:11pm 01-01-2021
Hey all
For anyone looking to chat and share pics there’s a Kik group for Linger London fans

More the merrier cum on in!
Geoff@ 1:00pm 12-31-2020
Just been told about this club by somebody I met online. Cannot wait for things to get back to normal so I can come along. I don't have heels at the moment but may need to get some. The thought of wandering around a bar in stockings, suspenders and panties sounds like Heaven. See you all in the spring I hope x
Dan@ 11:22am 12-31-2020
I hope that everyone has a fun and safe end to 2020 tonight. Here's to 2021 and hopefully a return to Linger - I only visited once but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that we can come again soon.

In the meantime if anyone wants to chat or share some pics you can email me
William@ 4:35pm 12-26-2020
My lady took some fab photos of me dressed in my lingerie this afternoon, i am dying to show someone, email me if you want to see them

William x
Raychene@ 12:37am 12-26-2020
Love to send my panty wanking vids and photos to any cock slut out there. I want to be covered in cum when you all stand around me while I suck cock. My email

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