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Nylon-Lottchen@ 9:02am 09-16-2020
Very hot Web Site. Thanks for sharing my Pics on your Web Site. KIsses from Bavaria
Joan@ 10:25pm 09-13-2020
I'd love to see more pictures...very difficult here can't even dress...wife here all the time!!!
Will@ 2:53pm 09-13-2020
Given that Covid isn't going away has anyone set up anything online where we can chat ans share pics. Frustrated as hell that we don't have an online group of some kind until this bitch of a virus has gone!
curious in Dublin@ 11:48am 09-11-2020
Hi, bit of a long shot, any Irish guys here? I'm in the Dublin area, in my early 40s, live with my girlfriend but have a secret lingerie fetish. Looking for friends with similar interests
David@ 3:30pm 09-10-2020
Hi Chris, I sent you an email earlier, give me a shout sometime
Chris Wanderby@ 2:51am 09-08-2020
Attention: Tights wearing bi / gay men. Email is
Chris Wanderby@ 2:49am 09-08-2020
A friend of mine on told me about this place. Unfortunately I live in the Southern Hemisphere so won't be able to attend.

The idea that I could attend dressed in Falke sheer to waist tights and perhaps a black lacy bra, maybe a short little skirt is almost eye wateringly horny to ponder.

I would be so open to play with other sexy men dressed up...
Alexa@ 7:15pm 09-07-2020
Hey. I’m 28, love dressing up and very eager to suck my first cock Anyone who’s similar age want to meet up either in Kent or in London? Thanks.
Crush@ 10:18pm 09-06-2020
Really missing this place. Started to finally get my schedule sorted to go regularly pre lockdown. Now just miss putting on my lingerie and stockings and sucking those beautiful cocks. Hope to see you soon! X
WILLIAM@ 6:43pm 08-21-2020
Joan, I think we are all with you on that one, we just want to meet up with like minded friends and all enjoy what we enjoy and miss so much. William x
Joan@ 6:17am 08-12-2020
So want covid want a creamy cock in my mouth!!!!! In tights or stockings or holdups.!!!!
Shah@ 12:07am 08-12-2020
Had my first time at the club in October 2019. Wow, what an experience. Sat at the bar, picked up by a sexy guy from York in fishnets, great kisser..had a great first time. Lost his number so never got to meet again. Can't wait till this place reopens
WILLIAM@ 12:13pm 08-11-2020
Oh I totally agree Ken, stockings and suspenders are sexy, cheeky from behind and so much more accessible than tights, but having said that, I would never refuse a big cock in tights.
ken@ 7:06pm 08-10-2020
hi david not a fan of tights to restricting i am more a stockings suspenders guy but hey what ever turns ypu on
David@ 4:35pm 08-10-2020
Hi all, I had meant to go to club linger for so long, alas might never happen now.

Are there any guys into tights out there? I love to wear, the glossier the better. Let me know

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