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Dave (Emma)@ 9:59pm 02-03-2020
Hi Sammi,
I will be going to club on Thursday x
Haven’t been to a club for 12 months so this will be me getting back into the swing of the world I love
sammi@ 3:30pm 02-03-2020
I'd like to meet up with another slim dresser like me, dress together to break the ice and then visit the club together if anyone is interested?

I love wearing lingerie, black stockings, suspenders and heels.
I live near Dartford bridge, I'm slim, size 12 dress and smooth, looking for someone similar to go to the club with for my first visit xx
Robert@ 2:30pm 02-03-2020
I’m in south London/Surrey
Robert@ 2:28pm 02-03-2020
Hi club linger, just don’t seem to be able to get to you on the first Thursday of the month ☹️ I am married but love to dress up in sexy lingerie especially for mature men who like to dominate or dress up
Sam@ 4:06pm 02-02-2020
5.11 (6.3) in heels, slim (size 10), smooth all over, olive skin, love lingerie and feeling sexy as I strut in high heels.
I’ll be in a black and metallic purple lace lingerie set.
I’ll be there on the 6th, cum say hi.
Dave@ 1:15pm 02-02-2020
Hi Joan
Sorry to hear that, it will b my first visit x
I’ve been to a few cd/tv clubs and meets but this will b my first for ova sim months xx
Really looking forward to it
Joan@ 8:04am 02-02-2020
Sorry Dave...maybe Nov/Dec.....
Dave@ 4:56pm 02-01-2020
Hi Joan,
Are u going next week?
Would luv to say hi!
Joan@ 12:56pm 02-01-2020
Oh to be there to say hi to you Karine.....I'd love that
Dave@ 11:26pm 01-31-2020
Hi Karine,
I will be attending next Thursday and I will def say hi!
KarineCD@ 9:32pm 01-30-2020
Hi all hoping to get to next weeks Feb meeting. Been a few times and had so much fun (mostly on my knees). Would love to take things a further but we’ll see. Say hi - I’ll be in white stockings and a black and white frilly top.
Geraldine@ 4:05pm 01-30-2020
Hi William, I'm hoping to attend linger in February but can't promise anything. As for having fun I'm sure you'll get the just of it when you get there the guys are so friendly. Hope you attend and have a wonderful time x x
Dave@ 11:08pm 01-29-2020
Hi Alicerooke,
I will be wearing black pvc high heel boots, black stockings, white suspender belt, a red lacy thong, black lacy long sleeve top, black pvc waist band, dog collar and silver ring earrings x I luv to grope and snog x my fem name is Emma
alicerooke@ 9:39pm 01-29-2020
Hi Dave, hope to be there as well. How will I know you?I will be wearing black fish net stockings and a bright red and black basque with an underwired and stuffed bra and red high heals. I also have a mostly white beard, I hope I this is a this is a turn for you? Will you be willing to rub cocks? For private conversation, what is your e-mail? I think you might know mine: aliceroooke62@gmail,com should you want to communicate any erotic thoughts. This goes to anyone else reading this!!
Alice xx
Dave@ 9:57pm 01-28-2020
Hi Alicerooke x
I’m going on 6th Feb so hope to see u there’s!
Dave x

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