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Roger@ 2:42pm 07-30-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
hi thanks for the infor on the club if any member would like a chat on line do please get in touch
nick francis@ 4:02pm 07-29-2021
Mark, good to hear the council are seemingly on side, but never forget, money talks. Just look at politicians for that!! Any of them can be bought, it's just a case of arriving at the amount?
Mark (Linger barman)@ 3:59pm 07-29-2021
Hi Roger, yes that’s totally fine. Lots of first timers do that.

Hi Nick, the council are very much on our side. It’s a certain property developer that wants to tear us down. They’ve tried and failed many times. We’re not too worried about them to be honest
nick francis@ 11:09am 07-29-2021
Just a thought, hope I’m wrong. You remember a few years ago the council were intent upon redeveloping the site but it got rejected. During the shut-down they haven’t been up to something have they, to now justify demolishing the site on “spurious safety grounds”?? I wouldn’t put it past them!!
roger@ 10:06pm 07-28-2021
hi i want to visit some time soon can i turn up in normal cloths just to see if i like it thank you roger
Paul@ 6:28pm 07-28-2021
Got the news today about the club's electrical fault im as gutted has you guys. I am a long term member trying to help out sorry guys.
Mark will now keep you posted.
Look forward to seeing you all maybe Sep.
Mark (Linger barman)@ 5:45pm 07-28-2021
Hi guys, we have an unexpected electrical fault in the club and won’t be able to open next week for the August Linger party. I will keep you posted on any updates, but hope to see you all in September. Apologies for the lack of updates on the home page too. Our website guy is unable to access this site currently.
joan@ 5:39pm 07-28-2021
i won't be able to attend....probably not til nov/dec, I live in Scotland and can only make it oncee a year.
you lucky ones attending know there are us desperate to suck smooth cock in undies!!!!
Enjoy but share pics please
The ruder the better !!!!!
Jimmy@ 8:36am 07-28-2021
I’m very nervous about attending.. I love to wear lingerie with skin or rubber gear .. is this ok
Many thanks J
Graham@ 10:09pm 07-27-2021
Looking forward to it i hope to see you at an event when you can make it drop me a message if you want to chat more, also anyone else who wishes.
Im attending 5th so i hope to help make it a great relaunch, looking forward to it
Steve@ 7:52pm 07-27-2021
Thanks Graham. Diary getting looked at. Maybe see you there
Paul@ 9:20pm 07-25-2021
Paul@ 10:16am 07-14-2021
CLUB LINGER@ 7:50pm 07-10-2021
Club linger is having a problem with its WebSite, therefore can't change the MESSAGE from closed to OPEN..
But can ASSURE you all that CLUB LINGER will be OPEN on the 5th August at 6pm.
PLEASE Spread the word if you can.
Let's Make It A Great RELAUNCH .
Thank You. The Managment.
Job@ 7:08pm 07-25-2021
Please tell if your are attending the reopening on the 5th of august as I will be there let’s make this a big one
Pau!@ 6:38pm 07-25-2021
Not long now guys, hope you have your sexy outfits ready for the Photos on your own or couples and also groups with or without panties you decide, be as sexy as you like.!
Tony@ 12:44am 07-25-2021
Only recently found out about this club, I so need to be able to show myself dressed in my sexy outfit to other like minded men.
So want to enjoy the thrill of being open hope to chat to others.

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