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Newguy@ 2:18pm 11-27-2020
I'ce always preferred stockings and suspenders myself too, but love bras, sexy knickers, boots, heels all sorts too though I've never been a fan of tights to be honest. I'm slim, five foot ten and would like to meet someone and chat about our likes, fantasies etc.
I've never dressed with someone but definitely will one day. It would be great to have that one secret friend to share this with, meet up one day and dress and admire each other for wanking etc. and talking about what we like etc. I'm on
ken@ 8:23am 11-27-2020
Hi Andy no you are not only one on here that likes wearing stockings there are plenty of others on here but very few geniune guys i have tried to meet and have a realationship another like minded person but just a lot of time wasters give me your email address x
Andy@ 3:49am 11-27-2020
Am I the only one on here who likes wearing stockings and wants a relationship to give and get with both a good man and better woman?
Andy@ 3:41am 11-27-2020
Hi. Need excitement. Stockings. xx
Alex t Barton@ 5:00pm 11-26-2020
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ThongJim@ 12:39pm 11-25-2020
Hi! Love reading everyone’s sexy comments! I am a micropanty and g-string lover. Been wearing and collecting for a while now! Love wearing sheer/fishnet microstrings under my guy clothes. From the USA. Club Linger sounds like a lot is fun! Would love to show off my micropantied, shaved, cut cock! He has never been sucked by a guy, but is open to the experience! Been reading about “Jacks” clubs that are in some cities.
Curious about my fetish wear? Checkout my xHamster profile at user Thongjim
David@ 10:15pm 11-22-2020
Ken, it's all good, everybody here is in a minority to some degree
ken@ 2:37pm 11-22-2020
david ben nothing againest tightsl just find stockings more sexy and more of a turn on and less restricting but each to there own xx
David@ 2:57pm 11-21-2020
Hi Ben,
I love tights too but you're right, we do appear to be in the minority
Ben Little@ 11:24pm 11-20-2020
I’ve been once to the club a couple of years ago. I had been hoping that I would see more guys in tights - which is my main fetish..only one other guest was wearing tights BUT the barman had a pair of fishnet tights on. I still think about that! Anyone else similar to me?
ken@ 6:55am 11-20-2020
so annoying this lock down at home but can not dress as other house mates in all the time and one working from home since ist lock down and can not even meet but never mind as long as we all stay safe take care and hope it wont be long before we can admire each other and feel our sliken clad stocking legs
Roberta Tight@ 3:41pm 11-05-2020
exactly one year ago, my last venue.
With my new branded lingerie, stockings and high heels, all covered by a trench for the surprise effect.
I am looking for lingerie lovers in their 20s and 30s for mail correspondence.

thank you, Saty safe and see u soon
Newguy@ 4:30pm 10-30-2020
Hi I've just discovered this place and it's a shame it's closed but understandable, i'm looking to find another likeminded lingerie wearer. I'm slim, cleanshaven 5.10, blonde, blue, single, 50, easy to get along with. I'm really into stockings and suspenders, kinky chat and more and would love to make friends with someone the same really to chat, fantasise and admire each other.etc. If anyone is interested my email address is, thankyou
Mark@ 10:23pm 10-29-2020
Looks as if we may have to wait a bit longer before the club re-opens its doors again. In the meantime be great to chat / correspond with you guys. Drop me a line at :-
Natalia@ 1:04pm 10-29-2020
I want to buy myself so great new lingerie, but then, who can I show it too? So desperate to put on some stockings and go out...

thank you Graby Baby for sharing the URL, I will at least show myself on there ;-) I am NataliaKiska. Please come and say hello at least.

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