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Graham@ 11:49pm 07-24-2021
I hope it goes well also. I will be there for reopening night, i believe it happens First Thursday of the month every month.
Steve@ 4:22pm 07-23-2021
Hi. Can’t make August 5th. I need to plan in advance so wondering if you have planned dates after the reopening night? Thanks. PS - hope it goes well. Suspect it will be a good evening !!
William@ 8:31pm 07-21-2021

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I agree with Paul, you will lose all your fears and worries after a very short time, to be honest you will be more concerned about falling off your heels, I know I was! and yes, I will be there on the 5th, just cannot wait
William@ 8:27pm 07-21-2021
In reply to several requests for an invite, I'm sorry but I have already reached my limit of guests. I wish I could welcome you all but remember that August the 5th is nearing fast, whoopee!
Mark@ 4:22pm 07-21-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Hi Graham. Love to message and swap pics. My email is
Graham@ 1:30pm 07-21-2021
Hey Paul
I hope so I'm cumming on the 5th I'm nervous but excited to meet people in my lingerie and go out in public for the first time dressed up. If anyone wants to message and share pics message me your email
Paul@ 1:56pm 07-18-2021
NIce to see all the great comments ,not long now.
As for the new comers your nerves will go five mins after you enter Deep Breath!
If any of you have time maybe tell and email anyone you know, or even those you don't like emails that are on Guestbook im sure everyone would like to know Linger is OPEN! Thank You.
Johnette@ 9:36am 07-18-2021
Cannot wait to be touched too!
Johnette@ 9:35am 07-18-2021
What great news... i can wear my stockings, panties and bra in public again! can admire my fellow lingerie lovers mmmmm. Cannot wait to touch too!
Satin Mike@ 8:55am 07-17-2021
I'm thinking about going for the first time on the 5th... very nervous!
Paul@ 10:16am 07-14-2021
CLUB LINGER@ 7:50pm 07-10-2021
Club linger is having a problem with its WebSite, therefore can't change the MESSAGE from closed to OPEN..
But can ASSURE you all that CLUB LINGER will be OPEN on the 5th August at 6pm.
PLEASE Spread the word if you can.
Let's Make It A Great RELAUNCH .
Thank You. The Managment.
Slinkyheels@ 11:14pm 07-13-2021
I’m planning to be there on the opening night. I just started going regularly just before the first lockdown. In the meantime I’d love to come along to William’s afternoon get together. Can I get onto the guest list please?
cutiecdpie@ 10:51pm 07-13-2021
Im going, can’t wait!
John@ 6:48pm 07-13-2021
Who’s going to the first event in august as I will be there
WILLIAM@ 12:31am 07-12-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Wow, that's fantastic news, we have all missed the club so much, see you all there on the 5th
And in answer to your question David, I have been hosting a couple of afternoons on a Wednesday, email me if you want to know more, next will be on the 28th but I'm limited on space and the list is pretty full already

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