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cHris.@ 9:24am 05-06-2019
Happy Spank Holiday. Thanks for all the emails. I have sent a message to you all on kik today. As soon as you reply back to me I can add you to the group.
Dave@ 10:56pm 05-05-2019
I really want to visit. I am hoping you can help give me the motivation and confidence to do that. I bottled last thursday and sat at home dressed literally kicking myself. Please help me, I so want to do this and have no doubt if I do the first time within 5 mins I will be kicking myself again as I should have gone and wouldnt hesitate to go every fortnight!
Dave@ 11:53pm 05-03-2019
Hi Graham. Sorry, yes bot short notice! I bottled it last night about 5pm. Maybe next time..!
cHris.@ 10:33am 05-03-2019
It was such an honour and pleasure to have met Davina and Geraldine last night. Thank you both for making my night really enjoyable. If anyone wants to join our kik group, please email me with your kik name and then I can add you. Thanks.
Davina@ 7:49am 05-03-2019
Hi all, had a good time last night, it was lovely to meet some of you in person

FYI Chris I’ve just searched for the kik group but can’t seem to see find it.

Have a lovely day everyone

Graham@ 5:06pm 05-02-2019
Hi Dave from SE Essex, coming in from Romford, may have left it too late to contact, but will be in the pub opposite if you want to say hi and go in together.

Heading there soon and should be there 6.30. Tall and bearded on on the outside, bit more slutty when we get inside :-)
rob@ 4:16pm 05-02-2019
im always there always wearing black pvc .see you tonight
cHris.@ 4:09pm 05-02-2019
Afternoon all. Looking forward to tonight's fun and games. The kik group is called LingerLondonFans1. I have messages some of you on here. As soon as you reply to me I can then add you to the group. See you all later.
Davina@ 2:19pm 05-02-2019
Hi all

Looking forward to tonight and meeting some of you

Geraldine@ 2:17pm 05-02-2019
Hoping to meet another nylon clad gurl tonight for mutual nylon caressing nd gentle fun x
Hi jo@ 7:14pm 05-01-2019
I am having a bi get together in north London
Anyone interested next week
Geraldine@ 8:55am 05-01-2019
Hi tightsnhoselovr, I'm hoping to arrive about 7ish but I'm sure there will be people popping in nd out for most of the night x hopefully see you there x
Tightsnhoselovr@ 2:17am 05-01-2019
Hey lads, I can't wait to meet some of you on Thursday. What time do people usually show up? My kik handle is also tightsnhoselovr. I am only in town on Thursday (for my bday). Leaving friday and will probably have to leave around cinderella hour. Can't wait!!!
Steve_f@ 1:29pm 04-30-2019
Hi Dave, email me at
If you're looking for shoes try they do all sizes and you can have them delivered to a local shop so they don't come to your house I'm slim, size 12, and love wearing lingerie, stockings and suspenders in particular but love it all... love to dress femme when behind closed doors, would love someone to share the dressing with
Geraldine@ 10:10am 04-30-2019
Hi Dave, don't worry about the nerves you'll be fine and there is a changing area at the club x see you there x

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