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Hi john@ 8:49pm 12-30-2019
Thanks for reply. Would love to meet up either before entering the club or directly after, to find out out what the expected behavior is to be. Would love it to be sensual!! Alicexx
John@ 8:28pm 12-30-2019
Alice email me on
Alice Rooke@ 7:25pm 12-30-2019
Very nervous newby here, very much want to join you all on Thursday, but will need to be mentored by an experienced 'hand' [as it were!]. Anyone willing to offer? Alicexx
Dave@ 4:46pm 12-30-2019
You sound surprised kenny you have time wasters .. will people ever learn about time wasters .. your an example you really think people are genuine .. will people like you ever learn .. Dout it
kenny@ 2:01pm 12-30-2019
Are there any real geniune guys on this site as am sick and fed up of sending messages to guys and then a couple of mesages back then nothing i am a very geniune guy who lkes to dress in lingerie and all i am asking for is to meet another like minded guy am i asking to much
John@ 10:20pm 12-29-2019
That’s great Mia I’ll be wearing black pvc basque and black pvc thigh boots just ask the Bar man mark for vee and he will tell me your there so we can have a drink and chat
Mia@ 3:26pm 12-29-2019
Hi John. Sure I will look for you! I am definitely tempted to attend this event!
John@ 11:12am 12-29-2019
Mia ..the advice I can give you is be relaxed as everyone there are please look through the guest book you will see how friendly and relaxed it is once you get there ask the barman mark for vee I will be happy to talk and have a drink with you
John@ 11:03am 12-29-2019
Hi Andy the sling will be there on Thursday
Andy@ 8:20pm 12-28-2019
John@ 7:24pm 12-28-2019
Ask them I’m sure they will
Andy@ 7:18pm 12-28-2019
They gonna hang out the sling next time??
Mia@ 6:46pm 12-28-2019
Hi guys. I am nervous about getting there for the 1st time. Trying to make it for the January event. Any advice for a newbie? Thanks
Rachel@ 3:43pm 12-28-2019
Hi kenny Essex hun x
kenny@ 12:12pm 12-28-2019
Hi Rachel
what part of the country you from x

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