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Jamie@ 5:48pm 06-14-2021
Can’t wait to pay a visit
Johnette@ 7:21am 06-12-2021
Graham, cannot even spell my own name i am getting so excited!
Johnetee@ 7:20am 06-12-2021
Graham, cannot wait to meet you in the Club. Hope you do not mind but i love sucking cock. I too have joined the linger group. see you there!
William@ 9:31pm 06-11-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Likewise all, I have join the group too and would love to show you my black seamed stockings, i wear no other! and yes i will be there for the first night it reopens
kenny@ 8:17pm 06-11-2021
paul something so sexy about seamed stockings and black lacy panties with a nice surprise inside
Teddy@ 4:53pm 06-11-2021
Thank you Linger Webmaster for the chat forum option. Wonderful idea. I'm there and enjoying the company and convo.
Paul@ 12:24am 06-11-2021
I love black seamed stockings and I will be wearing them the first night it re opens.
I'll be at the bar come and touch my soft round bum.
Graham@ 10:25pm 06-10-2021
Johnette it would be a pleasure to have you touching meand maybe we can take it further i have joined the linger group if you want to message me privately
William@ 9:18pm 06-06-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Johnette, email me if you wish to chat, and I can show you my new shoes!
Linger Webmaster@ 4:43pm 06-06-2021
Guys - you seem to be having a lot of discussions lately - which is good.
Perhaps a more private setting would be beneficial though ?
I invite you to join our new discussion forum , where only forum members can post and read messages. Messages can also get sent to your email inbox , so , no coming back here to check messages. If any of you are familiar with the old Yahoo Groups - well it works similiarly to that.
Join our group today at
Unfortunately , it is discussion only and NO posting of racy pictures (sorry)

Here are the terms of the group :
• Harassment of any kind.
• Groups that share media or content whose distribution would be in violation of copyright law.
• Groups dedicated to the promotion of extreme, hateful, or exclusionary ideas, including but not limited to, the alt-right.
• Groups dedicated to the promotion of conspiracy theories, including, but not limited to: Gamergate, Pizzagate, and Qanon.
• Groups dedicated to the promotion of anti-vaccination ideologies.
• Groups that are designed strictly to use our directory as an advertisement for something other than the group itself.

Anyway - give it a try and we'll see how it works out
Johnette@ 3:35pm 06-06-2021
Graham, looking forward to seeing you in your new shoes and would be delighted if you would touch me. equally would love to touch you if that is ok?
Cannot wait to meet you and the other guys
Graham@ 3:19pm 06-06-2021
Johnette thanks for the advice I have pair of heels, that fit ok, and I have just purchased some Mary janes so will decide when Linger opens up which to wear for my night out. I cannot wait to get dressed up and meet with like minded men. Hurry up Linger and open already. As for work shoes i wear steel toe cap boots so not quite right with lingerie in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing, and maybe touching, everyone
Michael@ 2:47pm 06-06-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Hi all, feel free to email if you’re interested in sharing pics or vids. Secret admirer and wearer of panties, tights and pantyhose.
Jonhnette@ 7:49am 06-06-2021
Great to hear you got your shoes sorted. I found the half size is about right for me though yes, quality makes a difference. I cannot wait to wear my new shoes with my lingerie and to see all the other guys dressed.
I am in Chester, where are you? Near Chester there is Northwich sauna which has dedicated days, one day is anything goes which means i can dress for the ocassion.... not quite Club Linger but hey, any chance to dress in lingerie. I am getting aroused just thinking about putting on my stockings and panties... and putting my hand inside other panties! Looking forward to seeing you in your new shoes and outfit, William.
William@ 3:16pm 06-05-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Hi Johnette, I recently bought a pair of cheap black heels from amazon, my size is 9.5Uk or 43, but only had size 10, they arrived and too big, I replaced them with a size 9 pair, exceedingly small, especially for a night out in them. Sent them all back and then bought a black pair from a more expensive site, size 9.5Uk and they fit so well, i've now bought a red pair too! So I'm saying you get what you pay for, I just cannot wait to be able to wear them with others, Linger where are you!!

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