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Newtwink@ 10:31pm 03-02-2020
Hi everybody, just read that there’s maybe a group chat happening? If so can I join x
Zara@ 9:32pm 03-02-2020
Havnt been for about a year so might have to get out my pvc and heels for Thursday!
Katie@ 2:33am 03-02-2020
Willin Crush
Sounds like an brilliant idea
Joan@ 11:12pm 03-01-2020
Sounds good William x
Willin@ 11:09pm 03-01-2020
Shite message board deleted much of that last post. It was, William in the red basque has first dibs to unload in my mouth. After that, on the face or gargled is the way to go for this sub.
Happy to start the WhatsApp group.....
Bee xx
Willin@ 11:02pm 03-01-2020
Katie, Crush

Done deal
Crush@ 9:44pm 03-01-2020
Katie, Willin

Let’s hope there is plenty of cocks to go round as the line forming sounds great!
Willin@ 9:00pm 03-01-2020
Katie, Crush

I suggest we form a line at some point in the back or in the front bar and see how many sweet loads we can take between us?

Katie@ 8:48pm 03-01-2020
Can’t wait for Thursday, looking forward to seeing you all there, and Crush, hope to be there on my knees next to you x
William@ 9:35pm 02-29-2020
Is there a skype group or WhatsApp group for Linger?
William@ 9:24pm 02-29-2020
Oh Joan, you say the nicest things, I blush. I look forward to the feel of my hands on the back of your head, while you are kneeling, my turn next! W x
mandy@ 6:14pm 02-29-2020
Oh Jane what a lovely idea

I'm slim, dress size 12/14, been dressing since my teens, love to act as femme as possible and i'm addicted to stockings, suspenders and heels. A hotel sounds wonderful, can do the wig and makeup thing there too for a proper slutty look or go full st trinian uniform
Crush@ 12:29pm 02-29-2020
Haven’t been for ages so finally looking forward to getting there on Thursday. Can’t wait to put my lingerie and heels back on and totter about before getting on my knees With a bit of luck! Please do say hi x
Joan@ 11:26am 02-29-2020
William......I think your weight is just fine x
On my knees in front of you at the back sounds good to me x
Willin@ 11:55pm 02-28-2020
Lost the email address on last post.

Regular, newbie, or just plain old shy, ping me a hello and you’ll get a willin answer.


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