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cHris.@ 4:51pm 04-03-2019
Hello there. I have just created a kik group for us fans. It's called LingerLondonFans1. I'm not sure if it's searchable yet or that you have to be invited to join. Also I'm looking into starting a group chat on twitter too. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.
Graby_Baby@ 5:45pm 04-01-2019
I haven't made it to the club yet but hope to in late April or May. A quick couple of questions:
1) Are there lockers (or some other arrangement) to store everyday clothes after changing into lingerie?
2) Is there somewhere safe to leave wallet & keys?
Rob@ 6:22am 04-01-2019
Yes skirts are allowed I always wear my short black pvc skirt every time I’ve been I will this coming Thursday
Alexia@ 11:47am 03-31-2019
I fully intend to be there for my third visit next Thursday. Thigh boots or stripper platforms? Hold ups or suspenders?
Steve@ 4:02pm 03-30-2019
Anyone on KiK ? Maybe we could start a group page so it would be easier to connect and chat !im 6step8 if anyone wants to get in touch
Joan@ 10:54am 03-20-2019
Hi lovelies, I visited from Scotland for last year's Xmas party.obviously I can't get too often, so more pics please.
Any body wants to chat or send me pics I will be eternally grateful x
cHris.@ 9:23am 03-20-2019
Looking forward to tomorrow night. Any new guys want to chat please come by and say hi. I will be in black fishnet tights under my black stockings and will be wearing my Sketcher trainers as I still don't have any heels yet. So if any of you lovelies want to buy me a pair, I'm a size 7. Ha ha. See you there.
JCM@ 9:14pm 03-19-2019
Hoping to make my first trip this thursday. Eeek! What time does the place start getting a bit busier? Really looking forward to chilling in my lingerie and heels!
Nick Francis@ 6:09pm 03-19-2019
Only 10" long! I'd let someone else take it off.........LOL!!!
Pete D@ 8:44am 03-19-2019
Hi Nick, not certain, but I suspect it would depend how micro!!
And if the worst came to the worst you could always take it off lol

John@ 9:59am 03-18-2019
Hoping to get to the Linger club on Thursday and seeing you lovely people. If anyone interested in exchanging pics or videos please email me on
Nick Francis@ 7:22am 03-16-2019
I like to wear a micro-mini skirt too if it was allowed, but the web-site says no to this You can email me and I'll send you a pic of me in it.
Arabella@ 3:14pm 03-15-2019
Hi JJJ, it is written on this website that only lingerie is permitted. I would love to wear my little pink skirt too but not sure I can x
JJJ@ 1:56am 03-15-2019
Nick, who are you to say skirts are not allowed???

Skirts etc are welcome, I've worn a skirt on several occasion and will do so again .. x
Arabella@ 3:11pm 03-12-2019
just found about this club. Would love to come when I am in London!

Would love to be dressed like this

Is that OK for the club? I read that skirts are not allowed. Just checking if I would be ok dressed like in this photo.

Thank you all, see you soon xxx

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