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William@ 3:13pm 06-06-2020
Any desperate Linger patrons like myself, who may want to keep in touch, please email me on Once we can all get out to play, we can arrange a meet or a visit to my home near Cambridge. Stay safe, William x
Chris@ 12:16pm 06-06-2020
@simon I’m from Belfast. If u fancy chatting please give me a shout. Good to chat to likeminded individuals. Email
Ian@ 6:55pm 06-04-2020
This month would have been my first visit to Linger, so gutted that the lockdown has taken the opportunity away. I genuinely hope that the club is able to re-open sometime in the near future as I am longing to attend an event & make a few new friends.

If anyone fancies chatting, you can text or whatsapp 07849 290477
Simon@ 4:35pm 06-04-2020
Hi Chris, I'm from Ireland too, never been to Linger though
Nick@ 11:21am 06-03-2020
Hmmmm think I need to get into wearing more lingerie with like minded people!

I live near Bedford and am on fabguys as mkbiman
Chris@ 11:43am 06-02-2020
Very sad that this week was due to be my first trip to Linger, all the way from Ireland. Excuses made, flights and hotel booked, new special lingerie bought
Dave@ 5:14pm 05-31-2020
I’m near Cambridge and also on fab as gstringmanuk
Peter@ 9:08pm 05-30-2020
Hi Alexa. I’d be delighted to join you got intimate chat and flirting . Let me know where and how darling
Peter xx
Alexa@ 1:28pm 05-24-2020
Hi boys. Does anyone fancy a group chat? Where we can chat and flirt maybe . Let me know.
Alexa x
William@ 12:13pm 05-18-2020
Hi all, I am missing the club just as much as everyone, but fear it will be a while before it re-opens it's doors, maybe long after this lockdown has abated, so I am thinking of trying to arrange a private meet one evening for those guys interested in donning the stockings in company once again. I can host but being near Cambridge it may not suit all, especially those in London and the south. The offer is there, a genuine offer and hosting a party is something I've done many times before. Anyone interested contact me on and I can get a guest list together. Stay safe and stay dressed, William x
dave@ 7:30pm 05-17-2020
Hi I’m Dave,
New here, can wait to visit with my friend when you’re back open. X
Mark@ 11:31am 05-11-2020
Morning to all those sexy boys out there. Missing my trips to Linger - but slipping into my panties, stockings and suspenders whenever I get the chance at home. If there is anyone interested in getting together online for some intimate chat I would love to hear from you. E mail
Stay safe all
Mark x
sunk@ 1:35pm 05-10-2020
Any guys want to chat about dressing in lingerie im on fab guys& swingers username sunk
Rob@ 9:38pm 05-08-2020
Yesterday would have been the perfect day to play in company wearing sexy lingerie, but...
Damn virus!!!
I had to stay home, playing on my own indoor.
Stay safe everyone.
If you want to get in touch:
Everybody's welcome, especially U-35
Peter@ 7:14pm 05-04-2020
Hi Ken ....please get in touch.

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