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Rachel@ 11:09am 12-28-2019
Hi I’m going for first time if anyone fancy going with me x
Sheer Lover@ 7:58pm 12-27-2019
@Kenny well you can email me at I’ll await to hear from you there.
kenny@ 6:52pm 12-27-2019
Hl sheer lover i am in oxfordshire but can travel would love a 12 1 meet
Sheer Lover@ 5:04pm 12-27-2019
@Kenny Hi there, I am London based and yourself?
kenny@ 3:39pm 12-27-2019
i sheer lover where are you based
Dave@ 3:49pm 12-26-2019
I will be dressed in pvc and leather at January meet
Sheer Lover@ 12:37pm 12-26-2019
Hi guys, I’ve been to a few Linger evenings and have always had a wonderful time. I am wondering if there are any guys interested in group sheer foot play? This will mainly consist of footsie, footjobs, worship etc whilst wearing ultra sheer socks, stockings or tights (poppers very welcome). Would like to gather about 8-10 guys for regular meet ups where we can let loose and indulge in hot and sweaty sheer foot play. SAFE ONLY email me at if your interested and can start to plan. Also open to 1-2-1 meets as well.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.
Rob@ 1:31pm 12-24-2019
Who’s going to the January event at club linger
Rob@ 11:56am 12-19-2019
We were all nervous before we came just read what people say enough said
danyboots@ 1:28pm 12-17-2019 mail me would like attend the club but bit nervous a first time someone help me ? dany
cHris.@ 12:07am 12-10-2019
Hello all. Thanks for a fab Christmas party last Thursday. It was great to catch up with online friends, make new friends and have some naughty pics taken too. For anyone who's nervous about coming, don't be. It's such a relaxed club where no one judges you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.
newtwink@ 11:14am 12-08-2019
Hey guy, send me an email would love to chat to likeminded guys, xx
Michael@ 10:44am 12-08-2019
Michael@ 10:42am 12-08-2019
A lovely Christmas meeting in December, especially meeting Terry (Terri?) dressed in a blue nightdress and black opaque three band tights. Email me if you'd like to meet up again x
Alex@ 7:28pm 12-06-2019
Hi everyone,
I really want to come to one of these nights however I am so nervous to go. I know once I get there and see everyone in lingerie I will be at ease but it’s just getting through the door and wearing lingerie in public scares me so much. Can anyone put me at ease? Email me if you want,

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