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Willin@ 11:03pm 02-28-2020
Hi All

Newbie here, late 40’s, curious, never been, wanting to turn up in pink sissy panties, caged cock and trainers, nothing else. More than happy for any admirers hands on the back of my head in front bar area or more private if you’re interested.
wow@ 10:43pm 02-28-2020
sniff me out? the end wouldn't be good for me? you're only making me want to come even more.
John@ 10:33pm 02-28-2020
This is a club where no one judges anyone .. by what your saying trust me your not welcome .. but if you did attend it would be easy for me to sniff you out and well .. the end wouldn’t be good for you so instead of making negative comments why don’t you suck your muns cock
Jane@ 8:57pm 02-28-2020
Can anyone recommend a hotel near the Club where I could stay next Thursday night and potentially invite a friend back with me for some after-hours shared pleasure?
Wow@ 8:08pm 02-28-2020
Is club linger just full of old out of shape men or are there any good looking young men who manage to stay in shape?
newtwink@ 6:14pm 02-27-2020
Hey guys and girls can someone tell me where I can find what sounds like some amazing pics from the feb meet?? also feel free to send me a message xxx
Name@ 5:36pm 02-27-2020

All you had to do Joan was was to type club linger it’s that’s easy
John@ 5:31pm 02-27-2020
Omg Joan it’s so easy just look
Joan@ 4:24pm 02-27-2020
Please tell how I see Feb pictures......
Like pretty please
mandy@ 6:41pm 02-23-2020
hey there - i'm a slim size 12 or 14 and love wearing black stockings with suspenders and bra and high heels and more and i'm looking for someone similar to go to this club with and have some very discreet 121's or 122's with lol. if anyone is interested I am a newbie to all this but have been dressing since my teens but haven't met with or dressed with anybody at all yet and want to share my girlie side and tease and play I have email at if anyone would like to chat I live in southeast in Barking I am blonde with blue eyes but can't accommodate unfortunately. thankyou mandy x
WILLIAM@ 8:44pm 02-20-2020
I've just seen the pics from the February evening, my first visit to the club, and yes it does bring back some delicious memories. But oh my god, I must lose some weight! Red basque, black stockings. William x
Joan@ 10:50am 02-17-2020
Jan/Dave......where can I see the Feb pix????
Dave@ 8:33pm 02-16-2020
Hi Jan,
OMG! Luving the pics x if u are in the same outfit at next meet, I will def say hi,,
Jan@ 4:41pm 02-14-2020
It was so brilliant last Thursday. I’m missing it already. Anyone wanting to play before the next meet message me. I have two pictures in this February gallery. One with my had over the face and wearing pink stockings with a pvc top (with something hanging out - careless).
Teddy@ 1:09am 02-13-2020
I'm visiting London in April from the US and this looks like a lot of fun. Love to dress in bodysuits and stockings. Unfortunately there's nothing like this in the States. Looking forward to April!

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