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Michael Smith@ 9:38am 06-04-2021

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Hi all, can’t wait to try the club for the first time. I’m a secret panties wearer around home and in the car but am excited to be with other like minded individuals.
Johnette@ 9:05am 06-04-2021
Graham, my first time I worse my work shoes!!!! but who cares when you are in stockings and panties? I was advised to buy a womans size larger or half a size larger than mens. It is usually the width that casues the issue. Purchasing recently I found a half size up works well for me. Heels can be hard to walk in and if too loose are impssible to walk in! Whatever you decide to wear I am looking forward to seeing you there. I cannot wait to put on my stockings, panties and bra. Let me know how you get on with the shoes. Johnette
William@ 4:42pm 06-03-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Mark, I am not that far, near Royston and I am too a mid 60's lingerie wearer. I have been to the club a few times before Covid and I loved it there, cannot wait for it to reopen. I can offer you a safe and comfortable environment to dress and be as you wish at mine. Email me if you are interested in getting to know me. William x
kenny@ 8:11pm 06-02-2021
sam not on kik leave me your email please
Mark@ 5:23pm 06-02-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Forgot to give my email address -
Mark@ 8:32am 06-02-2021
Hi guy. Mid 60s lingerie wearer/crossdresser from Milton Keynes. Never been to the club as it's been difficult to fit in around my home life. Really hope to visit when it reopens. Love to slip into my black seamed stockings and suspenders, panties and heels. The pics on the site are so sexy and there are some gorgeous cocks on display!
Love chatting and swapping pics so feel free to email me. Also Kik - stevejmk.
Ian@ 8:22am 06-02-2021
Hi Kenny & Sam, I'm South Oxfordshire & looking to attend my first event soon. On kik (ffnylons101) text / Whatsapp 07842454557
Sam@ 7:42pm 06-01-2021
Hi Kenny, I’m Oxfordshire. Message me on kik @ henleyonthames and check out me Reddit @ henleyuponthames
Haven’t been to the club before, but going when it reopens
kenny@ 2:48pm 05-30-2021
hi looking for any guys in the oxfordshire area or reading area to go to linger together or to meet up and dress
Jay@ 2:45pm 05-30-2021
Hey checking in. Does it look like there might be a July event?
Micheal@ 12:54am 05-30-2021
Hi everyone,
I have been to linger four times and really enjoyed the change to wear lingerie in a public place with others. My first time I had a few photos taken and they are up in gallery July 2019. I have black Basque on with blue stockings, white suspender and no panties. Can't wait to get back, fingers crossed be open soon.
Graham@ 10:44pm 05-28-2021
Johnette your first experience sounds incredible. I want to attend when everything reopens. Not sure if i will be in heels or not as i need some practice, any tips?
William@ 2:46pm 05-28-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Anyone who is interested, my email is

Been to linger a few times and cannot wait. I am mid 60's and live near Cambridge, can accommodate, in or out of my lingerie

Stay safe

W x
Admirerseeker@ 11:57pm 05-27-2021
Hi there, as much as I like to play with other girls, I really crave my first time at the mercy of a plumber or mechanic ready to make a proper girl of me. Do many of that sort go, and if they do, how do I make it clear? Do I wait to be approached, make myself clear (and risk rejection) or try and say hello here. Do any hairy lads go?
Johnette@ 7:27pm 05-27-2021
Peter, page back to my email dated 05/09/2021 (on here). I tell my first experience. Mate is was great. Like being a teenager again. Walk in through the door and you have done the hard bit, after that, only bit to be hard will be in your panties! its exciting wearing in public with everyone else. Come and have a look then change, happy to meet you outside if you feel nervous.

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