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Steve_f@ 6:36pm 03-09-2019
ok Nick, thankyou
Nick@ 11:46am 03-09-2019
Steve-f : No skirts are not allowed
Steve_f@ 7:01am 03-09-2019
Hi, can someone tell me please - are little skirts allowed with lingerie or are skirts not allowed at all?
Geraldine@ 8:01pm 03-06-2019
Hoping to be able to pop in for an hr or so tomorrow night, hopefully someone will want to caress my stocking clad legs x
cHris.@ 2:56pm 03-06-2019
Hello all. Looking forward to tomorrow evening. I shall be in my black stockings and suspenders and will be trying out my new black see through leotard. Come by and say hello.
nick francis@ 3:21pm 03-05-2019
Hope to get along soon again - wearing all black lingerie, bra, panties, stockings, suspenders, white shirt, tie and white be removed!
Xxxxx@ 8:46am 03-05-2019
İs t could inside ? Look like gonna be busy this Thursday I be coming first time is well
Ange@ 7:19am 03-05-2019
Reading the comments, I am nervous as anyone else for a first timer. I have a gf but also have needs of dressing up and being sub to a dom. Love to be with other gurls, but what I really need is a big strong man. While I dream of a group of mechanics or bouncers (way too much), are there any blokey blokes who go, and might be interested in a blue collar guy in a pair of pink suspenders, or more, or less. Or am I hoping too much? Cheers. Andy/Ange
Peter@ 8:56pm 03-04-2019
Soo looking forward to Thursday , not been since December . A chance to go out in lingerie is so exciting and a birthday party too . Can’t be beat. Anyone nervous of their first time don’t worry it’s fab and friendly, if you’d like to meet first message me . Peter
Mark@ 11:47pm 03-03-2019
Hi Steve
Let me know if you still need someone to meet up with prior to your first visit to the club. Happy to help out. Mark
Steve_f@ 12:47pm 03-03-2019
Hi. I am still looking for someone to go with for my first visit and any ideas about where to stay nearby overnight as it would be nice to have a drink but not wanting to drive after obviously. I have found some fantastic thigh high leather boots although I haven't bought them yet. Black stockings suspenders (as always) and matching bra and panties. Are we allowed to wear a little skirt? not sure if a skirt is allowed????

I'm happy to go along but need someone to go in with really as it's a bit nerve racking although I've heard everyone is lovely once you get in there , I am slim - dress size is 12 - and 5 foot 10 and I live in Essex near Dartford bridge if anyone else is in the same boat and needs someone to go with to holds hands my email is xx
Frills@ 12:24am 03-02-2019
Hi. Anyone in the Brighton area thinking of going and wants a train buddy? Or fancies doing a bit of shopping together...? ;-)
Petra_d@ 3:21pm 03-01-2019
Sounds great Zara, hope I can make it!
Bryan@ 11:20pm 02-27-2019
Hi there
I am looking to attend on the 7th March and wearing just bra suspender belt, knickers, stockings and heels-will I feel cold?
Also anyone facy a drink or a coffee earlier and a nice chat before going inx
Zara@ 9:40am 02-27-2019
Couldn't make it last Thursday but definitely going next week, will be wearing my new red thighboots and a pvc maids outfit. Am happy to meet any newbie who is a bit nervous in the Wentworth about 5.30

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