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Gary@ 9:36pm 06-21-2020
Hi anyone fancy chatting email me it would be lovely to hear from all lingerie wearers Gary xx
Emma@ 11:43pm 06-18-2020
Hi William,
I’ve emailed u hun x
Luving ur message xx
Emma@ 11:41pm 06-18-2020
Hi Joan,
Would look to chat xx
William@ 11:16am 06-18-2020
Emma cd, are you Emma as well as Emma cd, sounds obvious but i felt I had to ask. If you are not one and the same, please do get in touch on
That goes for anyone else interested in meeting some time soon
William x
Joan@ 6:38am 06-18-2020
Perfectly acceptable Andy......hope you had fun
Andy@ 5:14am 06-18-2020
Hello. I suppose it’s odd wearing stockings and feeling horny at this time of the morning in secret. Ah well.
Emma@ 1:28pm 06-17-2020
Hi Joan,
Here’s my email x x
When in undies and heels, I’m very sub and luvvvv to be used as people see fit x I luv 1on1 fun but also being around admirers xxx
Paul@ 1:20pm 06-17-2020
I’m married but I’m willing to share a pic with anyone ... ?! I know I’m not a member of your club ..
Joan@ 6:27am 06-17-2020
Emma ..sadly no pic anywhere.....married so have to be very careful.
Send me some contact details and we can chat x
Emma@ 11:07pm 06-16-2020
Is there a pic of u on here? X
Emma@ 11:05pm 06-16-2020
Hi Joan,
I can def see why u like those pics x
Luv a cock dressed in stockings x real turn on! Also luv male admirers x I’m v sub and willing and very sexually open minded x wud luv to chat xx
Joan@ 6:20am 06-16-2020
Hey Emma my favpix...last June 19, 7 Feb 20.
Can't wait for the club to open again.....should We chat??
Emma@ 1:55pm 06-15-2020
Hi Joan,
I’m game for fun time x I’m into all sorts of play x I’m a bit of a kinky guy and a bit of an exhibitionist in the right surroundings x Luving the last pic June 2019 and second pic Feb 2020 on here x never been to the club but will x I’ve been to a number of clubs and loads of meets in my time x
Joan@ 9:40am 06-15-2020
You can please me Emma......and I will happily reciprocate xxx
Emma cd@ 9:28am 06-15-2020
To be honest I can’t wait for the club to reopen once COVID-19 is truly under control, as I’m gagging to please and luv being around men and other CD’s xxx

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