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Geraldine@ 4:05pm 01-30-2020
Hi William, I'm hoping to attend linger in February but can't promise anything. As for having fun I'm sure you'll get the just of it when you get there the guys are so friendly. Hope you attend and have a wonderful time x x
Dave@ 11:08pm 01-29-2020
Hi Alicerooke,
I will be wearing black pvc high heel boots, black stockings, white suspender belt, a red lacy thong, black lacy long sleeve top, black pvc waist band, dog collar and silver ring earrings x I luv to grope and snog x my fem name is Emma
alicerooke@ 9:39pm 01-29-2020
Hi Dave, hope to be there as well. How will I know you?I will be wearing black fish net stockings and a bright red and black basque with an underwired and stuffed bra and red high heals. I also have a mostly white beard, I hope I this is a this is a turn for you? Will you be willing to rub cocks? For private conversation, what is your e-mail? I think you might know mine: aliceroooke62@gmail,com should you want to communicate any erotic thoughts. This goes to anyone else reading this!!
Alice xx
Dave@ 9:57pm 01-28-2020
Hi Alicerooke x
I’m going on 6th Feb so hope to see u there’s!
Dave x
WILLIAM@ 12:25pm 01-26-2020
anyone planning to go to either the Feb or March evenings, please do get in touch, I am so looking forward to getting my black stockings, suspenders and heels on, and having fun at Linger, the knees on my stockings are always the first to wear out. William x
Peter@ 10:29pm 01-22-2020
Hi Jens, you’ll have a great time . I’m 60’s too, although not with a great figure, and enjoy all of my visits to linger . It’s a wonderfully welcoming and friendly club
Jenicd@ 11:04pm 01-21-2020
My email address by the way if anyone is interested in a chat is:

Jens xx
Jenicd@ 10:51pm 01-21-2020
Hi mature guy (60's) love lingerie but not very experienced with other guys. Just come across this club and it sounds unbelievable. Would love to attend but I have the distinct impression I may be considered too old!

Wish there was a club like this when I was younger.

Love Jeni xxx
Petra@ 11:00pm 01-17-2020
I will be attending the club for the first time in February. Looking forward to it. Always been dressed in private so dressing in public will be a turn on. Got a new basque to go with my stockings, suspenders, panties and shoes. Mmm
sammi@ 3:23pm 01-17-2020
I love wearing lingerie, black stockings, suspenders and heels.I live near Dartford bridge, I'm slim, size 12 dress and smooth, looking for someone similar to go to the club with for my first visit xx 10:30pm 01-14-2020
Hello Laura,
Tried to contact you privately but your e-mail bounced. Check your address. See Club Linger Guestbook for the honest and inhibited message. Would love to get a reply soon.


xx 10:17pm 01-14-2020
Hello Laura!

This is a long shot, but would you like to have a private meet up before the February meeting at club linger? I chickened out of going to the Jan event as I was concerned about the safety of the 2 hr drive home after such an exciting evening, during adverse weather.

To give you some context about myself:

I live in south Norfolk / am a retired professional / 62yrs of age / desperately wanting to liberate some long held inhibitions / Slightly overweight - so might be a turn off to a younger person like yourself? I have a rather hairy body and a whitish beard. Also a 7" erect circumcised cock.

Very new to the world of lingerie - such a turn on!!

Very new also to the world of gay sex as well - happily hetero for many years [conventional], the recent] thought of an encounter with a similarly minded lingerie clothed person with an accessible and touchable / cock / erection whilst reaching round and rubbing my own hard on against a silky clad butt is obsessing! - and very exciting.

The only time I have ever touched a cock - apart from a lot of experimenting during school sleepovers, [when I once came, rubbing my dick whilst on top of another boy intertwining his with mine on his naked tum] was at a naturalist beach at St Osyths last year when - while watching a couple have gay sex, another chap with a hard on came over to make conversation. His dick was within reach and so I took hold and rubbed it and his balls for about 2 min or so. He seemed to enjoy this and he rubbed mine, but I was too inhibited to take this further.

I do hope that you reply to this. I have been quite honest in my feelings/emotions and intentions. I would very much like to be part of yours and mine initiation too.

Not particularly interested in make up and wigs personally - would probably look a bit silly with a face and body like mine. However, quite interested in meeting transsexuals, boobs AND cocks!! Wow! So Sweet Wednesday club also on the agenda. Fancy cummin along sometime together?

You could also consider driving up to my place some afternoon? It would preserve your anonymity address - wise. I have spare rooms which might avoid the embarrassment of waking up next another chap the next morning with a hard on!

Best wishes,

Alice xx
Dave@ 9:09pm 01-13-2020
Hi all,
I’m so looking to attending the club for the first time in Feb! Was a reg to sweet weds but haven’t for an age
Micheal@ 9:16pm 01-10-2020
Hi everyone,
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to the January 2020 event at linger due to the new year. I have already attended three times last year and really enjoyed being dressed in stockings, heels, bra, babydoll, suspenders and knickers. Advice for those that are planning to attend for the first time and feel a bit shy or anxious, don't be. It's a very friendly club for men of all sexual orientation, sizes and shapes to dress in public. If everything goes to plan, I will be there for February meet.
Linger photo's July 2019
coilin the cabbie@ 10:01pm 01-09-2020
posted a few times in vain, but if there is any interest in a big hairy admier (marired but try to forget that) let me know

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