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kenny@ 5:46pm 07-02-2021
dave what do you class as normal if you feel good when waearing stockings who cares what any body else thinks
Harry@ 8:53pm 07-01-2021
Hi all, I’m 23 and v enjoy my matching red stockings, thong and heels. I’ve never been to this club before. Any idea on when it might open again? Thx. On kik: 30251818
Dave@ 5:50pm 06-30-2021
I wear stockings to enhance my senses sexually. Is this normal?
William@ 7:01am 06-28-2021

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Paul, I am waiting for the chance to wear my new red heels, when the club reopens. I will be wearing the full lingerie and heels this week of course, for the few guys that can make it to mine for a small stockings and suspenders play afternoon, but even that will not be the same as the club, I just adore tottering about the bar in my finest, and then heading for the darker parts, mmm!.
KarenCD@ 9:53am 06-27-2021
Hi Kenny, happy for you to contact me:
kenny@ 5:27am 06-27-2021
karen cd yes i can remember i think at the time i had a lot on please give me a contact
Paul@ 10:19pm 06-26-2021
Just took delivery of my new black seamed Susan heel ff stockings, waiting for my new kitten high heels. Getting ready for August , let's hope it re opens. Have put some extra pounds on my bum since last visit .need some erotic knickers to show it off.
KarenCD@ 4:47pm 06-26-2021
Hi Kenny, I'm near Reading. I thinks we exchanged a few messages 2-3 years ago, but nothing since. Love to meet up and dress.
SaucyCD@ 6:18pm 06-25-2021
Hi all, really hoping the event will be on again for the August date. Any update on if it will be possible?
kenny@ 6:36pm 06-24-2021
any guys in the oxfordshire or reading area who would like to meet up and dress in the safe and private comfortable place
ken@ 6:33pm 06-24-2021
sarah jane yes i agree that mini skirts or slips can not be worn as it is a real turn on to see a guy showing his stocking tops under neath
SarahJane@ 1:40pm 06-24-2021
Love the thought of others watching me walking around the club dressed in my lingerie, heels and tiny thong, and watching others. Never dressed in public before so it'll be a first for me. I've never been to the club but excited about coming along and openly playing with other. Shame we can't wear make up and micro skirts though, but rules are rules!Hopefully the club will re-open soon after covid restrictions are lifted.
Raychene@ 4:15pm 06-22-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
I would not mind as long as your lingerie was matching Stevie
Stevie@ 12:33pm 06-22-2021
I've been to the club a few times and loved every minute of sharing girly moments whilst dressed in sexy outfits and fuck me heels, to get cock to breed my queer hole. However, Ive got a question about make up, I've discreetly worn light foundation, mascara, eyeliner and clear lip gloss on a daily basis for years, including when I have been to the club and nobody has said anything but during lockdown, ive started to paint my finger and toenails in bold colours. Obviously, I can't hide my fingernails and I usually wear open toed or strappy heels so my pretty toes will be on show. will this be a problem when the club opens?
WILLIAM@ 9:48am 06-15-2021

You do NOT have to leave your email address folks - you can leave it blank if you prefer
Hiya, are you up for a CD evening at ours soon, no make up, wigs or dresses, just guys in lingerie, stockings & suspenders, heels and knickers, all male plus my lady partner as 'seam straightener and fluffer'. Let us know if you are free to play with like minded friends, we are thinking of either a Wednesday or Tuesday evening. a comfortable home, safe for all. Email me if you are interested
William x

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