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kenny@ 2:34pm 01-01-2020
Hi Rachel wait to hear from you xx
Rachel@ 1:49pm 01-01-2020
Hi kenny yes have you got an email address hun x
Daisy@ 1:13pm 01-01-2020
Hey guys <3 Elias, yeah im 25 and I'll be there xx
kenny@ 10:56am 01-01-2020
Hi Rachel how can i contact you xx
Rachel@ 6:13am 01-01-2020
Hi kenny I’m up for a meet xx
Sally@ 7:09pm 12-31-2019
Does anyone ever take dildos and sex toys into the club??
Mia@ 3:33pm 12-31-2019
I am still trying to get there Thursday! Last minute family duties might impact on my first appearance at linger...
Dave@ 1:14pm 12-31-2019
Anyone into pvc and leather as I will be wearing that
Vee@ 1:12pm 12-31-2019
Yes I Going I’m 45 been there loads of times
Elias@ 12:07pm 12-31-2019
Any guys between 20 to 40 coming this Thursday?
John@ 9:50pm 12-30-2019
I’ll stand outside at 6pm wearing all black I’m white by the way
Alice@ 9:30pm 12-30-2019
Hi John, v excited to meet up on Thursday and have some fun! My first time! Very much looking forward to breaking some long held inhibitions and enjoying my unfettered self. How will I know you beforehand?
alice@ 9:24pm 12-30-2019
John -
Hi john, how will I know you?
John@ 9:14pm 12-30-2019
I don’t go into pubs but I can meet you outside the club
alice@ 9:03pm 12-30-2019
Hi John, would love to meet up before hand [as it were!] to get some ground rules ?Location and time? Maybe the pub opposite? ID= green corduroy jacket and grey/white beard. Axx 6.30 / 7pm?

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