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Willin@ 3:19pm 06-14-2020
Perhaps Kik is a good one to open a chat group?

It is as secure as it gets and can open an account (or app on phone) with email address or phone number, you choose.

I will try to add a few and start a private group?

My Kik is WillinTuTry but say Hi from Linger please.....
Joan@ 9:48pm 06-13-2020
Hope you're wrong Charlie!!!
If it doesn't open william...I will come to Cambridge!!!!
Paul@ 7:49pm 06-13-2020
Hi I do hope your club re-opens I would love to visit one day ... but for all of you as well
Paul x
Marcus@ 2:26pm 06-13-2020
William, if you hold a stand-in evening I would certainly be interested.
However I have every faith that Club Linger will re-open.
William@ 1:32pm 06-13-2020
Charlie, we can only hope it re-opens. If not then I will have to arrange a stand in evening at mine near Cambridge, anyone interested? William x
Charlie Farley@ 1:45pm 06-12-2020
I doubt that it will ever reopen again.
Paul@ 11:20am 06-11-2020
Ho Joan
Sounds all good & creamy!!!
Paul@ 11:19am 06-11-2020
Hi kenny
Based in the Midlands-ish so it would need some planning
Joan@ 10:31pm 06-10-2020
Paul I've been twice loved it....
I'm in Scotland and married...
Took planning both times but it was worth it.....very creamy!!!!
Marcus@ 6:27pm 06-10-2020
Thanks Kenny, I shall look forward my first visit although a little nervous.
kenny@ 5:22pm 06-10-2020
marcus dont worry about your haity legs mine are the same it does not bother me i shaved them once but suffered thry itched ike mad
kenny@ 5:18pm 06-10-2020
hi paul where are you based in the country give me your emailand we can chat
Paul@ 12:28pm 06-10-2020
Hello all first time on here.
I would to visit a place like linger but sadly it’s a bit out of traveling range and also impossible at the moment..I’m a cd who loves dressing and showing off in my lingerie and other.
Marcus@ 5:00pm 06-09-2020
I’d love to visit this club for the first time when it re-opens as I love wearing stockings and suspenders. Having seen the photos I’m having second thoughts as my legs are quite hairy so not sure I would really fit in.
Rod Smith@ 10:59am 06-08-2020
Hey all, was due to visit this year but prevented with the current situation-shame as it took a while for me to gain the courage to come-ah well. Happy to chat on kik...madeinlondon1

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