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William@ 8:22pm 01-07-2020
I have just found this club, via a guy on a naturist site, and as I absolutely adore 'cocks in stockings' I must get to you soon. This club is ideal for me, I love dressing in stockings and suspenders, knickers and heels but have never felt the urge to don a wig or make up, so this looks like a form of heaven for me, to be with like minded guys for an evening, dressed in my black lingerie. I was a regular at Sweet Wednesday when I worked in London, as well as visiting a few gay clubs in town and even hosting a few all male naked evenings at our home but I am so keen to join this group, I cannot wait! I am a mature (60's) fully experienced bisexual guy, with an understanding female partner, I live near Cambridge and can be contacted on or WILLIAM BI NUDIST on skype. Hugs to you, William x
Roy Parsons@ 4:42pm 01-07-2020
Hi have been a few times
would nice to get some pics if organiser can do them
Laura@ 6:27pm 01-06-2020
Hi All, I recently became aware of this event. I was planning on going this month but the date was right on top of new year so it will have to be February now.
I love dressing up in lingerie including heels, boots, stockings, suspenders, panties and bra. I also like wearing a wig and some makeup but these seem to be against the rules for some reason so I'll leave them off. I love taking photo and making videos of me dressed up. I have only ever dressed up in private so going "public" will be a real turn on. (but I have dressed up outdoors in quiet locations). I'm a bit nervous but see plenty of re-assurance that I'll be OK.
I am a straight guy, age 45. living in Chelmsford. I have only very limited experience with male/male sex . I can be contacted at
Jane@ 7:53pm 01-05-2020
Hi Sammi. I’m not far from Deprford and would love a buddy to go to Linger with. if you’re interested, or anyone else for that matter x
sammi@ 5:39pm 01-03-2020
I love wearing lingerie, black stockings, suspenders and heels.I live near Dartford bridge, I'm slim, size 12 dress and smooth, looking for someone similar to go to the club with for my first visit xx
Andy@ 5:09pm 01-03-2020
Sorry John, appreciate you putting it out but I didn't get the opportunity to use it with any of the guys there. Thank you though.
John@ 4:36pm 01-03-2020
ANDY ... why was you asking for the sling when you never went near it ....Year 2020 first prat well done Andy
Nick francis@ 1:37pm 01-02-2020
Sadly can't make it tonight but have every intention of getting to Feb or Mar event; will be happy to pose for pics.
Jules@ 8:36am 01-02-2020
Hoping to attend this evening, my first time
A little nervous to be honest
Mia@ 7:13am 01-02-2020
Hey! I am excited about later today! I will be there for the 1st time! Hope to meet you all! XX
John@ 1:45am 01-02-2020
Just to let you know there will be a sling there tomorrow night
cHris.@ 12:20am 01-02-2020
Happy New Year. Welcome to the Fwoaring Twenties!

I will be there tomorrow evening with a Smirnoff Ice in my hand. Still not sure on what to wear yet. Looking forward to catching up with you naughty peeps.

If it's your first time tomorrow, do not worry. Everyone is friendly and no one ever judges in there. Plus if you're nervous or it's your first time dressed in public, just pretend you're going to a fancy dress party and the theme is lingerie.

See you all tomorrow.
Sissyboy82@ 8:59pm 01-01-2020
Looking forward to tomorrow not been since Aug will be 6th visit
Will be in black heels an stockings
Hopefully have some playtime out the back
Willo@ 7:06pm 01-01-2020
Hey, looking to come/cum tomorrow, live in Bethnal Green. Would love to make some playmates.
Email is
newtwink@ 3:23pm 01-01-2020
Hi there everyone, im really looking for a more experienced member of linger to take me under their wing and have a laugh with, im 19 and want to get all dressed up with someone who knows what they're doing. Any takers? email me

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